Create your first bot

Let´s build our first bot on Bothub, if you don’t have an account yet, you should create on, CLICK HERE. After that, click on the new bot button.

So, you will need to fill in these gaps, and finally, create a bot.

As created, you will be able to train your bot.

The ideia of this bot is recognize positive and negative answers, so first we can write a sentence and related it with an intent, in this case the sentence the first sentence is yes and the second one is y, the intent of both is positive.

You need at least two sentences for each intent to start training.

We added two intents positive and negative with two sentences each one, when you finished to build the data you can train your bot clicking on Training.

Now you have a bot, you can add as many intents and sentences as needed. But remember to train your bot every time that you make any change.

To see if your bot is working as expected you can analyze some sentences, just click on ANALYZE TEXT on the bottom right of the page.

You can write a sentence (I analyzed "yes, I like ice cream" as an example) and click on ANALYZE, so you can see the intent that bothub identified for your sentence.

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