Adding a Web channel

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To connect your chatbot in a website, follow the steps:

Adding the channel

To create the channel, simply access the add channel option in the settings menu on the organization's general page.

To create the web channel, we select the External API option

After that, some information needs to be filled in:

  1. URN Type: select the External Identifier option;
  2. Address: Channel Name, can be chosen as you prefer;
  3. Method: select the HTTP POST option;
  4. Encoding: select the Default Encoding option;
  5. Content-type: select the JSON - application/json option;
  6. Max Length: set 640 as the value;
  7. Send URL: put
  8. Request Body: put:
    {"to_no_plus": {{to_no_plus}}, "from": {{from}}, "from_no_plus": {{from_no_plus}}, "text": {{text}}, "to": {{to}}, "id": {{id}}, "quick_replies": {{quick_replies}} }
  9. MT Response check: set success as the value

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