Adding a Twitter channel

Kayalla Barreto Updated by Kayalla Barreto

Twitter is a great social network for companies that want to generate qualified traffic and leads, in addition to interacting directly with the public.

  1. First of all, create a dev account on Twitter;
  1. Specify the type of account usage among the options offered and answer all questions
  1. Now create an app within the dev account on Twitter;
  2. Go to the "Permissions" menu and change that app's permissions to include direct messaging;
  3. If the app has already created the tokens and secret keys, generate them again after step 4 in the 'Keys and tokens "menu;
  4. Create an Account Activity API dev environment (and write down the name of this environment, as it is one of the fields to configure on our platform);
  5. Add Twitter as a channel on the platform by filling in all the requested fields.

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