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Our Surveyor Android Application is a robust complement to our web application, what allows us to create, map and manager flows based on a mobile chat in any place of the world - all you need is an Android Device charged. Specifically, it provides a good solution to the users:

  • Starts sounding or inquiries that imitates the communication flow, based on chat.
  • Collect data from an Android Device and send them to the platform when you are in an internet connection.
  • Add the collected data to our serves and extract them to subsequent analyze.

Surveyor Flows differ from SMS or voice that is destined to be used into the Surveyor Android Application where the internet and cell phone signal are weak or non-existent. The send messages are immediately answered, and the flows results are saved until you are able to send to the account through the internet. Notice that, the Surveyors flows are started through the Surveyor Android App.

Creating a flow

  1. To create a flow, go to Flows guide and select “Create a Flow”.
  2. On the Create Flow window, choose the name of the flow and the option “Execute the finished flow” choose “Surveyor”.
  3. Access your flow and select an option to edit the flow.

Notice that in “Create a contact” we have two options to create contacts:

  • For each run: by default, the new Surveyor flow will create a new contact to each execution concluded. You can use the action Actualize Contact to save each word presented in the contact profile. The use case intention is used to allow enumerators, project managers, and M&A officials to collect information about a person, place, things or ideas and save the results as a contact.
  • By Login: Alternatively, the Surveyor flow can be executed only as SMS flows by contacts that you download on the Surveyor app. As a Twitter or Telegram channel, this provides a free communication channel to your contacts. To use Surveyor, in this way, you should unblock the account functions and attribute Surveyor privilege to the contact e-mail addresses that are using the Surveyor. After that, just alter the flow to create a contact for each login. Each contact working as a Surveyor will be able to download and execute the flow, to do this, the contact just needs to register the email address and the password.

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