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Configuring the Contact Language

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The platform allows defining the language preferences for your contacts. When defined, these are the languages that your contacts will receive the messages.

To define the contact language preferences through the "Contacts" guide:

  1. Go to the "contacts" guide, after that, click on the contact that you want to update.

  1. Click on the gear icon and select the "Edit" option.

  1. The "Update Contact" box will appear. Click on the "Language" menu to select the primary and secondary languages, click on  "Save Changes"

Notice that:

  1. The standard contact language field represents the favorite language that will be visible through the path:  - Go to contacts guide  - Click on contact  - Click on the gear icon  - Select Edit.  - The language preference can be referred to using the variable @contact.language, returning your ISO 639-2/b standard nomenclature (Spanish become 'spa').
  2. You will need to translate your flows in each language that was added to your account.

Using a Flow

You can get the same result in a big scale creating a flow that contains the action Define Language, after that, add the contacts or groups that you want to modify the preferences

Using an Imported Contact:

You can add a column called "Language" containing the language code, for example, 639-2/B ISO ('spa', for Spanish) for a contact importation to define the contacts favorites languages. Notice that all additional languages should be adding to your account through the account page.

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