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Editing the Fields

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Editing Standard Fields

Standard fields can be added and edited manually through the "update" button located on the profile page. Default fields contain names, groups and contact addresses. To access "update Contact",

  1. Go to a contact page;

  1. Select the "Edit" option on the configure menu.

  1. Then, you can edit the standard fields

The "Add Connection" menu provides an entry for you to add all kinds of connections. Just a call can be added by time. The arrows pointing up on the right of the address field are the ones that you will use to prioritize some addresses. The contact recognizes the first address with priority, this is an important indicator for the sent messages. Let's imagine that your account has a phone number, Twitter and Telegram connected and you want to send a message to 3 contacts, each address with a different priority. The channel will send the message according to the correspondent priority.

You can alter the contacts field value going to the contact's page, or adding an update through the flow. When the new address sends a message to a channel connected with your account, a new contact will be created with null values for the pre-existing and personalized fields. The new contact will be identifiable by your address until the new fields values are updated.

Editing Custom Fields

The personalized fields can be created through the "Manage Fields" button and can be edited through the personalized fields dialog box localized on the contact profile page. To access the personalized dialog box, go to the contact dialog box and select the "Custom Fields" on the configuration menu.

The personalized fields added to your account will be listed on the dialog box, where the individuals' values appear. To edit these values, just replace the previous value for the value wanted and click on "Ok".

Editing Data Values Notice that when you add a date value manually without a time specification for a contact field, the platform will be replaced the time value correspondent with the moment when the field was updated.

Using a Flow Contact fields can be created and edited using a flow that has a contact update actions.

Using the Imported Contact The contacts can be imported with different addresses, but just one address for each kind.

You can update the contact fields value, including the contact field and its importation value. The contacts address are kind of standard fields, can be added, but not replaced through an importation if the UUID column has the UUID(s) contact(s). UUIDs contacts can be acquired through contacts (UUIDs are included in the contact exportation) exportation or using the contacts list consult on the API explorer. Go to your account, add the appropriated parameters to filter the wanted contacts and click on "GET".

At this moment, the contacts addresses can be replaced through API contacts endpoint or through the contact profile page on the situation mentioned above.

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