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An Action Command represents some actions done in name of the flow. Essentially, they are commands that allow you:

  • Send an “SMS response” (standard “send a message”: action – will send a message to the activated contacts that are on this flow step);
  • Send an SMS to another person “SMS to somebody else”
  • Add a label to a Message;
  • Update the contact (with a received value from a response, for example);
  • Add contact to a group;
  • Remove contact from a group;
  • Make a call to an external server;
  • Send an Email;
  • Set a contact’s main language;
  • Start another flow;
  • Start someone else in a flow;

Action commands comprehend actions that are executed immediately, on the top-down order:

Creating Action Sets

Click on the box “Create Message” to open the action editor illustrated on the photo below, or create a connection using the existing step.

Adding an Action Set to an Existing Action Set

The actions can be connected to others Action Sets or be added as a step. Actions connected to other actions are immediately executed top-down.

On the example below, three actions are grouped to register a new contact. When a contact pass by this step, the actions happens on the order that they are organized.

  1. A message is sent to the “Alagoas” group warming them that there is a new user wanting information about Alagoas.
  2. The user is added to the group “Alagoas-Users”.
  3. Is sent a message to the user informing that we are going to contact soon.

To add an action to an existing Action Set, click on the symbol “+” on the button right of the existing action and select an action on the action editor.

Deleting an Action

To delete an action, move the cursor on the action that you want to delete and click on the “x” icon. The action will become red and will request a deleting confirmation. Click on the “x” icon again to conclude the deleting process.

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