Adding and Actualizing the Contact Fields

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When the contact field is created, the default value is null, at least the field was imported from a pre-existing value. To alter a newly created field value, you can actualize it using this action or editing a contact field value using the contact’s guide. For example, when a new phone number send a message to a channel connected to your account, a new contact will be created with a null value in the name field and null values for each added contact’s field. The new contact will be identifiable by your phone number until that others values are actualized.

Use a contact actualization action to:

Create a new contact field and actualize its value for each contact on this action;

Actualize the existing contact field for every contact reach this action;

Variables and Expressions The contact fields can be actualized with a fixed value, expressions or variables:

@flow– Is the variable attributed to the Rule Set result. Can includes .Text (for example, @flow.response_1.text, the complete entry text message sent by the contact), .Map (for example, @flow.response_1.category, the category where the message was sent) or .time (for example, @flow.response_1.time, the time when the entry message was received);

@date- Used to call date values (, @date.yesterday,, @date.tomorrow);

@channel- The channel that received the message (,, @channel.tel_e164);

@step– The contact who sent the last message processed by the flow. On the most cases, this is also the active contact (@step.value).

@extra- References extracted from an external application through a webhook, or, if the flow is initialized for a “Start Another Flow”, the flow variables associated as a contact working on a previous flow, for example, @Extra.flow.response_1. A expression, example @(HOUR (NOW ())).

Creating a new contact field

  1. Open the flow that you want to edit;
  2. To create a new contact field using the “Update the contact”, click on the red box on the action;
  3. Select the option Update Contact on the drop-down menu;

  1. Then, you just need type the field name that you want to add on the field. After that, insert the field value that you would like to add to the contacts on this step (on the form of value, variable or fixed expression).

The Existing Contact Field Actualization

If you want to add the contact to a existing contact field, you just need to click on the arrow and see the available contact fields on the drop-down menu;

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