Creating a Flow in Different Languages

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After defining the first and second language in your account, you can edit your flows to alter between different languages, depending on the languages preferences from your contacts. After to select languages to your organization, you can create flows in different languages, following these steps:

  1. Go to the flow guide and create a flow;
  2. Select the first language in the flow. This will be the idiom that you will see in your flow. If the flow doesn't have translations, this will be the standard language used;

  1. Build your flow normally;
  2. As you finish your flow project, click on the second language that you want to add. You will see the perceptual of translated characters;

  1. Each yellow box means that wasn't translated yet;

  1. Clique em cada caixa para adicionar a tradução;

Nota: @contact.first_name e outras variáveis não devem ser traduzidas, porque elas serão substituídas por seus valores correspondentes quando as mensagens forem enviadas.

  1. As etapas traduzidas apareceram em branco enquanto o idioma que elas vão ser traduzidas estejam selecionadas.

8.When the flow is totally translated, the contacts will receive messages according to the languages preferences.

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