Creating a New Flow

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To create a flow:

  1. go to the guide “flows”

  1. click on the button “Create a flow”.

The dialog box “Create a Flow” will appear, so you can:

  • Define the flows name;
  • Attribute keyword triggers;
  • Specify how much time the contacts still inactive on the flow before being deleted;
  • Select the type of flow that you would like to create;
  • Define the language that you will edit it.

When the adequate attributes are defined, click on the “Create” button to go to the flow editor.

Best Edition Practices

  1. Build Horizontally While the flow builds, we recommend drawing your flow vertically. The flow editor is projected to support the horizontal movement until a point but will permit the vertical movement indefinitely.
  2. Segment your Flow If the flow that you want to build is large, consider dividing it in various flows using a rule set to start other flow action.

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