Introduction to Flow Variables

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By standard, a flow containing RuleSets contains a collection of resulting variables for each RuleSet evaluation. For example, the RuleSet below will produce a variable flow @flow.phonenumber when the contact answers it and passes to the next step.

Each variable starts with the “@” symbol, that unleashes a drop-down menu appointed automatically containing a complete list of available variables.

After to select the type of variable, press “enter” and will appear a list of all available variables for each variable type. On the example below, type @flow and press “Enter”. On the example below, typing @flow will appear the value flows list collected on the current flow for each RuleSet.

Press “Enter” again, so you will be allowed to specify metadados associated by the platform to each value. In the following example:

  • Category returns the category that the contacts answer was located;
  • Text returns the complete response answer from a contact;
  • Time returns the time when the contact message was received by the channel.

Each variable is replaced with the represented value when contact is active on the flow. If you insert an invalid variable, the message will contain the variable name.

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