Starting Another Flow

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Use the Start Another Flow to move your contacts from a flow to another one. When a contact passes through this step, the contact will be removed from the actual flow to start another one. On the example below, we are directing the contacts according to the type of support needed.

@extra variable

When a Start Another Flow is located into the flow, all flow variables created until that step are passed to the next flow. Into the new flow, collected variables on the previous flow are referred using the prefix @extra. For example, If you collect the contact's age (@flow.age) and localization (@flow.localization) in A flow, after that, use Start Another Flow to move the contact to a new flow, the B flow, you can refer the previously collected variables called @extra.flow.age and @extra.flow.localization:

Notice that @extra variables are just capable to do a reference to values from a previous flow when contact starts a flow, through a Start Another Flow or Start Somebody Else in a flow.

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