Types of Flows

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The platform provides three types of flows that are available according to the channel capacity when you are connected to your flow. Text messages flows are applied to SMS channels and social networking, as the Surveyor application, while the voice flows have a different structure. The type of flow is chosen during the flow creation.

Text Message (Messaging)

Text Message is a kind of standard flow, each kind of channel includes necessary the functionally based on the text messages. Text Message Flows could be sent through an Android channel, a virtual number, or a social media platform like Twitter.

Telephone Calls

If you have a voice-enabled channel connected to your account (for example, a Twilio voice-enabled virtual number), you can create an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) when you go to dialog box “Create a Flow”. IVR flows allow you to apply flows logical messages based invoice to be sent through calls. Check our IVR section to more information about URA flows.

Android Cell Phone (Surveyor App)

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