Getting Started

So, what we can do with the Platform?

Our platform is intuitive, multi-channel and easy to use. It's a very good tool to maximize process' executions and transform the way you comunicate with your public. Using it, you turn the construct…

Kayalla Barreto
Updated 1 year ago by Kayalla Barreto

Platform Introduction

Ilhasoft provides an intuitive inteligent chatbots creator platform. Using this, you can create all the interaction between robot and users and define which channel your users will use to comunicate.…

Kayalla Barreto
Updated 1 year ago by Kayalla Barreto

General organization's settings

In this article we will explain each option from the general organization's settings. We pointed 14 options (look the photo below) and explained every one of them. To access this menu, you just need…

Daniel Duarte
Updated 11 months ago by Daniel Duarte

Platform's Glossary

In the next articles, you will learn much more about how our platform works. In this article, we bring a glossary of terms that may appear in the course of the documentation, providing support for co…

Matheus Enrique Alves
Updated 1 year ago by Matheus Enrique Alves