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There are some features that you need to know as you create your account: Account, Messages, Contacts, Flows.

On your account you can:

  • Visualize your credits, or buy more of them;
  • See, add or delete channels;
  • Edit your organization's name;
  • Alter your Time Zone and the date/time format;
  • Define your main language and add languages that you want to provide translates;
  • Configure a webhook to communicate with an external application.
  • Configure your email address;
  • Insert a country to habilitate the flow localization support;
  • Define the email address that is going to send the messages for the clients' emails, if it was solicited on the flow;
  • Connect to TransferTo(platform to send and receive credits);
  • Configure flows events.

If you use e-mail, reading and writing, messages in the platform should already be familiar to you. Just like e-mail, you have an Inbox and it's easy to label messages so you can follow up with them later. The Platform also allows you to schedule a message to be sent later or even as a reminder on a regular schedule.

For example you might have Platform send a message every Friday reminding people in the Field Staff group to complete their weekly report. If anybody joins the Field Staff group later, they will automatically start receiving the weekly reminder.

Before you do anything else in Platform, it is helpful to have a list of contacts. This will make it easy to send a message or survey out to a wide distribution list. For example, you might have groups called Field Staff, Office Managers, or Trainees. You can import these groups into Platform by uploading an Excel file using our template as a guide. We'll create a group for you automatically for each file you upload. Don't worry, it's easy to add or remove people from groups later if you need to tweak things. If you want anybody to be able to join a group using SMS, you can set a join keyword. Anybody who texts with that keyword will automatically be registered into the group.

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, anybody can design a custom SMS application that is tailored to their needs. Design a flow in minutes and start getting responses instantly. Once people start interacting with your flow, use real-time analytics to see how things are going.

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Adjusting the Time Zone and Date Format