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The label Your Account localized on the right top of your page is the most important part of your account. From here you can:

  1. Visualize your credits, or buy more of them;
  2. See, add or delete channels;
  3. Edit your organization's name;
  4. Alter your Time Zone and the date/time format;
  5. Define your main language and add languages that you want to provide translates;
  6. Configure a webhook to communicate with an external application.
  7. Configure your email address;
  8. Insert a country to habilitate the flow localization support;
  9. Define the email address that is going to send the messages for the clients' emails, if it was solicited on the flow;
  10. Connect to TransferTo(platform to send and receive credits);
  11. Connect to ChatBase (the platform used to monitor the Bot);
  12. Connect to Bothub (platform to realize the Bots' artificial intelligence training);
  13. Configure flows events.

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