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Messages are the interactions realized when you send or receive a message using your contacts or App. Similar to your email account, the platform allows you to visualize the messages, archived them and keep the calls received background so you can return. All messages are organized on the left side of the page.

Inbox: The messages filed on the folder "Inbox" are all messages received by a flow. Messages on this folder are sent by contacts that are not actives on the flow.

Flows: The messages files on the "Flows" folder includes messages received by their flows; Messages into this folder are sent by the contacts that are actives on the flows at the moment that the messages are sent.

Archived: The filing process removes the messages from the inbox, but keep them in your account, so you can found them later. Messages from your "Inbox" or "Flows" can be filed on the folder "Archived". If you want to delete some message, you should put it on the Archived folder and after that delete. All messages into the Archived folder can return to the original folder.

Outbox: The folder "Outbox" contains pending messages that can accumulate a large broadcast activity. When the message has been sent, it is moved from the folder "outbox" to "Sent".

Calls: The folder "Calls" contains calls already done and received on the channel connected to your account. You can see the call’s date, direction, and duration.

Schedules: The folder ¨Schedules¨ contains messages scheduled to be sent in the future. Go to this folder to see or edit scheduled messages.

Failed: The folder "Failed" contains messages that failed to be delivered.

The messages status

Each message is attributed to a symbol.

  • The icon "arrived" indicates that a message has arrived, and it is followed by the text.

  • The "sent" icon indicates that the message was sent, but did not return a delivery confirmation. Some companies and channels are not able to provide delivery confirmation. This message should be considered delivered at least the message is into the outbox folder.

  • The contact icon indicates that the message was received by contact, it is followed by the message text.

  • The transmitter icon indicates a broadcast transmission, and it is followed by the contact numbers that are going to receive the message and their content.

  • The Attention icon indicates that there is a failed message, and it is followed by the text. Notice that when you pass your mouse cursor on the icons will appear the channels for where they were sent or received.

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