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Creating a Message Keyword that Launches a Flow

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When a contact sends a message that starts with the keyword or contains only the keyword you set to trigger a particular flow this flow will be launched.

To create a new keyword trigger

  1. Go to the guide Triggers, click on the box Create Trigger;

  1. Click on the button Create a keyword that launches a flow;

  1. On keyword you will set the word to work as a trigger;
  2. At trigger when you will choose between:
  • Message starts with the keyword - If the phrase typed for the user starts with the keyword, the chosen flow will take action;
  • Message contains only the keyword - The chosen flow will take action if the user types only the single keyword set;
  1. On Flow is set the flow to be started;
  2. On Only groups, is possible to apply the rules from this trigger to specific contact's group, just leave the blank space if you want to apply this rule to everyone.
  3. Click on the box Create Trigger.

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