Ignoring a Keyword in a Flow

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When a contact sends a message that corresponds to a keyword set to launch a flow, he will be automatically placed into this flow by default. This means that if your contact is placed within a flow A and he sends a message containing a keyword that starts a flow B, he will be moved from flow A to flow B. This is useful in situations you want to permit your contacts to move between flows using keywords.

If you want to keep your contacts in a flow until they finish or it expires, you can configure your flow to ignore the keyword until your contacts have left the previous flow.

Make a flow ignore keywords triggers

  1. Go to Flows and the one you would want to modify;
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top right of the flow editor, after that, click on the option Edit;

  1. Select the box Ignoring Keywords Triggers when you are on this flow;

  1. Click on Save changes.

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