Introduction to Triggers

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Triggers allow you to control your flows, defining when and how they will be started. A flow can be triggered by a contact when starting a conversation and a lot more. Let's talk about the most common trigger type, Keywords.

Click Create a message keyword that launches a flow to start.

  • On keyword you will set the word to work as a trigger;
  • At trigger when you will choose between:
    • Message starts with the keyword - If the phrase typed for the user starts with the keyword, the chosen flow will take action;
    • Message contains only the keyword - The chosen flow will take action if the user types only the single keyword set;
  • On Flow is set the flow to be started;
  • On Only groups, is possible to apply the rules from this trigger to specific contact groups, just leave the blank space if you want to apply this rule to everyone.

A use case is starting a welcome flow when a person sends "hello" to be registered into the organization and become a contact, as the picture:

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Creating a Message Keyword that Launches a Flow