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Website polls - Graphic vs. Words cloud

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Website polls - Graphic vs. Words cloud

Let's talk about the website today? One very interesting option to display Reporters' responses is using Words cloud instead of only graphics between replied categories. It's very simple to use it, but there are some points that I would like to share in order to be sure things works as it should.

That's how words cloud looks like


Now let's see what's necessary to have it working. Let me share some examples.

This is the most common way to have Reporters replies, using categories filter at the Wait for response:


That's how categorizing looks like on the inside:


Using the Wait for response ruleset like this will make the website displays Reporters replies with the graphics bar percentage feature. Like this:


Ok, and what about the words cloud? All you have to do is leave the Wait for response without any categories. And it's needed to be without any categories at all! Just by adding a single validation like "it's not empty" or "has a number" will make the website display it like a graphics bar instead. Take a look how should your Wait for response look like to have words cloud working:


Let's review. What should you do?


What you shouldn't do?


Last but not least... I'll never be tired to remember you that modifying the flow having Reporters that already responded will make all previous responses to be lost! I know I've already said that... 


 But caution is never too much.


How did we do?

Wait for Response's categories

Flow's names